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2021 State Conference

Theme: Educating the Whole Child

Find below the winners and national qualifiers of the

2021 EdRising NM State Conference, virtually held on through Zoom. The 1st-3rd place is awarded to young competitors across the state who successfully demonstrate education career skillsets to a panel of judges from the field.

This year due to the global pandemic caused by Covid-19, student national qualifiers were able to compete virtually on the national level. Limited resources are available at the State Office as this event was hosted on a third-party platform.

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Individual Competitions

Children's Literature Pre-K

1st Place: Ariel Archuleta & Yusra Dean from West Mesa High School 2nd Place: Ariana Almaraz & Crisol Janahi Siqueiros from Gadsden High School (Spanish) 3rd Place: Estrella Rivera & Mary Desmond from Eldorado High School

Job Interview

1st Place: Ainsley Paas from Eldorado High School 2nd Place: Dayree Ramirez from V. Sue Cleveland 3rd Place: Anisleidy Lujan from Hatch Valley High School

Exploring Education Careers
All Categories

1st Place: Rossy Estrada Otero from Del Norte High School 2nd Place: Karina Garcia from Atrisco Heritage Academy High School 3rd Place: Hannah Perez from Eldorado High School

Children's Literature K-3

1st Place: Erin Magrath from Rio Rancho High School 2nd Place: Jeanie Vo from Del Norte High School 3rd Place: Kailey Douglas from V. Sue Cleveland High School

EdRising Moment w/Spanish

1st Place: Kim Bazan Granados from West Mesa High School 2nd Place: Jonnea Trujillo from Taos High School 3rd Place: Abbey Drobik from Eldorado High School

Lesson Planning & Delivery
All Categories

1st Place: Amoreena LaCour from Rio Rancho High School 2nd Place: Isabelle Reeves from V. Sue Cleveland High School 3rd Place: Jessica Nuñez from Gadsden High School

Team Competitions and Contests

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