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Teacher Leader Professional Learning Workshops

2024 New Mexico Teacher Academy Training

This Workshop is for state-registered Educators Rising Teacher Leaders interested in using the NM Teacher Academy Curriculum Map and Resources

Location: TBD

Building: TBD

Dates: Wednesday and Thursday, June 12th and 13th,  2024

This training is for new and veteran Teacher Leaders registered with the Educators Rising New Mexico state office. This training will be held in Las Cruces, New Mexico and all participating teachers receive a stipend for their involvement


**Attendees must have co-curricular or extracurricular approval for the upcoming academic school year from their principal.

An in-person workshop that will be an update of the Scope and Sequence, Pacing Guide, and Curriculum Map for Teacher Academy 1 (STARS #0562), plus access to MrOwl resources and activities.


Please contact the State Office at for more information!

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