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2022 State Conference

Theme: Reimagining Education: A Call to Action

Find below the winners and national qualifiers of the

2022 EdRising NM State Conference held in Las Cruces and Albuquerque, New Mexico. The 1st-3rd place is awarded to young competitors across the state who successfully demonstrate education career skillsets to a panel of judges from the field.


In 2022, 1st and 2nd placements were sponsored to attend the Educators Rising National Conference in Washington D.C.

by EdRising NM.

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Keynote Speakers

In 2022 we had one keynote guest speaker at each location of the conference in Albuquerque and Las Cruces. with sessions to discuss their challenges and successes as educators. Their information can be found below and in greater detail within the downloadable programs above.

Individual Competitions

Children's Literature K-3

1st Place: Isabelle Reeves from V. Sue Cleveland HS 2nd Place: Chalee Merayo from Grants HS 3rd Place: Giselle Fuentes from Santa Teresa HS

Job Interview

1st Place: Maria Cortes from Hatch Valley HS 2nd Place: Elijah Greenwood from Aztec HS 3rd Place: Sarai Ortiz from Hatch Valley HS

EdRising Moment

1st Place: Olivia Withrow from Manzano HS 2nd Place: Arielle Cortes from West Mesa HS 3rd Place: Samantha Cordova from Centennial HS National Qualifier: Danley Ruiz from Rio Rancho HS

Lesson Planning & Delivery
All Categories

1st Place: Amoreena LaCour from Rio Rancho HS 2nd Place: Isabelle Reeves from V. Sue Cleveland HS 3rd Place: Lacey Drew from Atrisco Heritage Academy

Children's Literature Pre-K

1st Place: Samantha Baltz from Rio Rancho HS 2nd Place: Gwenevere Caouette and Allison Cooley from Manzano HS 3rd Place: Danielle Salazar and Hannah Perez from Eldorado HS

Creative Lecture

1st Place: Sarah Bell from Alamogordo HS 2nd Place: Mickayla Biddle from Chaparral HS 3rd Place Tie: Elena Williamson from Los Lunas HS 3rd Place Tie: Rylan Hanker from Alamogordo HS

Exploring Education Careers
All Categories

1st Place: Aurora Arrieta from Rio Rancho HS 2nd Place: Lizbeth Rodriguez from Atrisco Heritage Academy 3rd Place: Cara Baca from Alamogordo HS

Impromptu Speaking

1st Place: Ezekiel Romero from Del Norte HS 2nd Place: Marcella Eagletail from V. Sue Cleveland HS 3rd Place: Hailey Witzig from Alamogordo HS

Team Competitions and Contests

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